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If the most frequent word you use at work everyday rhymes with "booth,"
we can help!

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Whether you are an Independent or Educational Lab that wants to make sure your research isn't compromised,
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If you are a Medical, Specialty Medical, or Surgery Center where people put their trust in you,
we can help!

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If you put holes or ink in people,
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You love animals....We love animals.... We can help!

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  • Safety Inspections / Preventative Maintenance

    Affordable packages available to keep your staff & patients safe and to keep your business operating. Learn More

  • Autoclave Repair

    When your autoclave stops working at the most inconvenient time, we’re here for you. Learn More

  • Biological Monitoring (AKA Spore Testing)

    With pick-up/drop-off service and same-day results within Albuquerque. Learn More

  • Autoclave Training

    Customizable in-service training, accredited by the AMA for CE credit. Learn More

  • Consultation

    You want to keep your staff and patients safe, but you’re unsure where to start or what you need? We can help. Learn More

  • Sales

    Sterile Processing equipment and supplies. Learn More

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  • Following Best Practices Will:
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We Provide Great Communication & Customer Service
We Are Honest & Trustworthy
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Shawn Is a Master Home Brewer (well...practice makes perfect?...)

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