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Autoclave Safety inspections / preventive maintenance

There are two key offerings that allow you to keep your autoclave running smoothly, reducing unplanned downtime and the associated opportunity costs to your business:


Perfect For:  Benchtop Autoclaves; Offices whose Staff perform weekly/monthly maintenance as required by the autoclave manufacturers and who have been properly trained to use the autoclaves; Dental/Veterinary/Educational/Tattoo industries

What It Is:  This service bundles key mechanical & electrical safety inspection requirements and performance verification into one affordable package, with three frequency options.  This service is a set price.

Options (frequency):  Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual


Perfect For:  Large, free-standing Autoclaves; Offices whose volume are so high that downtime is devastating to business; Laboratory/Surgery Centers/Specialty Medical/Hospital industries

What It Is:  This service expands on a safety inspection visit by also changing out parts that are trending toward failure or that have completed their life span.  Your PM package is customized for the make and age of your particular autoclave.

Options (frequency):  Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual

Autoclave Repair

For those times when your autoclave just decides to stop working in the middle of a busy day, we are here for you.  We work on most manufacturers’ machines and for many of the common models, we stock “wear & tear” parts so we can get your autoclave back to you ASAP.

We also have a limited number of benchtop Rental machines available (daily rates apply).

Biological Monitoring (Spore Testing)

Biological monitoring (“Spore Testing”) of Autoclaves is recommended by the CDC, ADA, OSHA, and the State of NM; it is also required by the State of NM for some industries.  Biological monitoring is not the same as color-changing tape – which only tells part of the story – and spore testing is the only way to prove that the machine is capable of sterilizing.  Your Autoclave may start and stop and seem ok, but that doesn’t mean that it is sterilizing the load you have in it.  You have to test it.

We offer a convenient drop off/pick up service within Albuquerque, offered on a weekly or monthly schedule.  We also send you electronic results the same day we pick up your test.  No more mail-in tests.  No more wait.  No more having to seek out your own results.

We make it simple, and we are a resource for you if your machine fails a test.


Our trainings are accredited by the American Medical Association for Continuing Education credit.  Autoclaves are deceptively complex machines; knowing how they function and how to operate the autoclave correctly will go a long way to ensuring staff and patient safety.  Even veteran sterile processing technicians have been “wow’d” at how much new knowledge they gained during our trainings.  Make sure your Staff have the tools they need to support your facility’s Infection Prevention Plan.


If you’re not sure what you need for your Sterile Process, we offer Sales Consultation Sessions to help you determine what requirements you have and what Autoclave options are right for your business.

As your business grows, your sterile processing needs will also grow, so buying a new version of the machine you currently have is often not the best investment.  We can help demystify the process.

If you’re looking for a new Autoclave or any Autoclave accessories (such as Ultrasonic Cleaners, Distillers, Pouch Racks, or Cleaning supplies), we can help.   Alternatively, if you decide to purchase a used Autoclave on your own, we offer a Used Autoclave Evaluation Service so you can determine if the machine is working properly before you use it.

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